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Penguin Shipyard International has delivered the first of three Flex Ferries to Horizon Ferries. Christened “Horizon 9”, the 238-pax monohull ferry is the most modern and spacious ferry deployed in the Singapore-Batam route. The Flex Ferry is a joint fast-track development by PSI and its UK design partner, BMT Nigel Gee.

Friend and Foe. Introducing...the Flex Fighter, brought to you by the world’s biggest builder of multi-role crewboats. Based on Penguin’s tried-and-tested Flex-40SL design, the Flex Fighter is specially customised to serve as a crewboat or a security boat, anytime, anywhere. Whether you are shuttling offshore workers or providing round-the-clock platform protection, the Flex Fighter is your safest bet yet - with speed, endurance, versatility and reliability.

It Just Keeps Getting Better. In 2014, Penguin Shipyard International will unveil the brand new Flex-40 Series, successor to the best-selling Flex-38 Series. The new Flex-40 model types feature expanded fuel tanks, larger deck space, a knuckle-boom crane, new reclining seats and a host of engineering enhancements.The new Flex-40 Series...engineered for speed and

Speedy and Steadfast Victory. Penguin Shipyard International has delivered its first Flex-50 Fast Supply Intervention Vessel to the Group’s offshore operating arm, Pelican Offshore Services. Christened “Pelican Victory”, the 50m DP1-classed FSIV is powered by four MTU 16V 4000 M53 main engines and equipped with Kongsberg’s Dynamic Positioning system. Introducing the Flex-50...the choice of champions!

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Shipyard Services

Shipbuilding & Repair

Shipyard Services Proven designer and builder of high-speed aluminium workboats, including the best-selling Flex series of multi-role crewboats. Our latest line-up of Flex model types include the all-new Flex-40 and Flex-40SL, as well as the Flex-25 “Pocket Rocket” and the Flex-50 DP1 FSIV. We also repair a variety of vessels, including luxury yachts, crewboats and ferries.

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Offshore Charters

Crewboats & FSIV

Offshore Charters Established owner-operator of Flex crewboats and Fast Supply Intervention Vessels, with a relentless focus on speed, safety and reliability. Co-developer of the Flex series of crewboats with Penguin Shipyard International.

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Ferry Operations

Charters & Special Projects

Ferry Operations Owner-operator of high-speed passenger ferries, ranging in size from 114 pax to 233 pax, which support a variety of personnel transportation projects around the world.