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NEW JOB OPENINGS! Keep Calm and Join Us! At Penguin, we value and respect each and every employee, regardless of rank, gender, age, race or nationality. Our diversity is our strength and our people, our assets. Now you know why we are the happiest place in Tuas! If you are a team player who is passionate, positive and pro-active, join us!

Welcome to the HOME OF THE FLEX! Penguin is an integrated designer, builder, owner and operator of aluminium fast craft. Since 2006, we have delivered more than 100 Flex multi-role crewboats with external fire fighting capabilities.

The Executive FSIV. Introducing...the Flex-45, brought to you by the world’s biggest builder of multi-role crewboats. Featuring 63 business class seats and two external FiFi monitors, the 45-metre FSIV is powered by four Baudouin engines with a total horsepower of 4800 BHP. Style meets sensibility in the Flex-45.

Friend and Foe. Introducing...the Flex Fighter, brought to you by the world’s biggest builder of multi-role crewboats. Based on Penguin’s tried-and-tested Flex-40SL design, the Flex Fighter is specially customised to serve as a crewboat or a security boat, anytime, anywhere. Whether you are shuttling offshore workers or providing round-the-clock platform protection, the Flex Fighter is your safest bet yet - with speed, endurance, versatility and reliability.

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Shipyard Services

Shipbuilding & Repair

Shipyard Services Proven designer and builder of high-speed aluminium workboats, including the best-selling Flex series of multi-role crewboats. Our latest line-up of Flex model types include the all-new Flex-40 and Flex-40SL, as well as the Flex-25 “Pocket Rocket” and the Flex-50 DP1 FSIV. We also repair a variety of vessels, including luxury yachts, crewboats and ferries.

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Offshore Charters

Crewboats & FSIV

Offshore Charters Established owner-operator of Flex crewboats and Fast Supply Intervention Vessels, with a relentless focus on speed, safety and reliability. Co-developer of the Flex series of crewboats with Penguin Shipyard International.

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Ferry Operations

Charters & Special Projects

Ferry Operations Owner-operator of high-speed passenger ferries, ranging in size from 114 pax to 233 pax, which support a variety of personnel transportation projects around the world.