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2020 FLEX FIGHTER! Introducing the ALL-NEW 2020 FLEX FIGHTER, the oil industry’s standard for armoured security crewboats, with industry-leading speed, comfort and endurance. Check out the new upgrades in 2020!

NEW JOB OPENINGS! Keep Calm and Join Us! At Penguin, we value and respect each and every employee. Our diversity is our strength and our people, our assets. We stand for integrity, professionalism and mutual respect. If you are a team player who is passionate, positive and pro-active, join us!

Welcome to the HOME OF THE FLEX! Penguin is a Singaporean homegrown, publicly listed designer, builder, owner and operator of aluminium high-speed craft.

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Shipyard Services

Shipbuilding & Repair

Shipyard Services Designer and builder of aluminium high-speed craft, with shipyards in Singapore and Batam, Indonesia.

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Crewboat Charters

Our Flex Fleet

Crewboat Charters Owner of Flex multi-role crewboats supporting offshore transportation and maritime security projects.

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Ferry Operations

Charters & Special Projects

Ferry Operations Owner of passenger ferries supporting high-speed personnel transportation projects.