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Speedy and Steadfast Victory. Penguin Shipyard International has delivered its first Flex-50 Fast Supply Intervention Vessel to the Group’s offshore operating arm, Pelican Offshore Services. Christened “Pelican Victory”, the 50m DP1-classed FSIV is powered by four MTU 16V 4000 M53 main engines and equipped with Kongsberg’s Dynamic Positioning system. During her official sea trial, the Pelican Victory clocked a top speed of 25 knots with a hefty 150 MT deadweight. At lightship condition, the Flex-50 will easily hit 30 knots. At station-keeping mode during sea trial, the Pelican Victory remained steadfast and steady, even in rough seas. Introducing the Flex-50...the choice of champions!

It Just Keeps Getting Better. In 2014, Penguin Shipyard International will unveil the brand new Flex-40 series, successor to the best-selling Flex-38 series. The new Flex-40 model types feature expanded fuel tanks, larger deck space, a knuckle-boom crane, new reclining seats and a host of engineering enhancements. Whether you are fighting pirates in the Gulf of Aden or rushing critical spares to a drilling rig, the new Flex-40 series is the fast and furious solution!

Pocket Rocket. In September 2013, Penguin Shipyard International completed a successful sea trial for its debutante Flex-25, which hit speeds in excess of 30 knots while offering a stable and quiet ride throughout. The first two Flex-25 crewboats will be deployed in West Africa, which is fast becoming a Home Away From Home for the Flex.

Rise of the Flex. In June 2013, Penguin Shipyard International completed its 50th Flex crewboat, a Flex-38SL, for a Russian ship owner. Christened "Kirrie", the vessel will join a global deployment of Flexes, from Asia to Africa. With a build cycle of less than six months - from keel lay to end of commissioning - we are the world's fastest builder of crewboats. And with more than 20 Flex crewboats under construction in 2013, we are also the world's most prolific crewboat builder. Come visit us at the Home of the Flex!

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Shipyard Services

Shipbuilding & Repair

Shipyard Services Proven designer and builder of high-speed aluminium workboats, including the best-selling Flex series of multi-role crewboats. Our latest line-up of Flex model types include the all-new Flex-40 and Flex-40SL, as well as the Flex-25 “Pocket Rocket” and the Flex-50 DP1 FSIV. We also repair a variety of vessels, including luxury yachts, crewboats and ferries.

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Offshore Charters

Crewboats & FSIV

Offshore Charters Established owner-operator of Flex crewboats and Fast Supply Intervention Vessels, with a relentless focus on speed, safety and reliability. Co-developer of the Flex series of crewboats with Penguin Shipyard International.

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Ferry Operations

Charters & Special Projects

Ferry Operations Owner-operator of high-speed passenger ferries, ranging in size from 114 pax to 233 pax, which support a variety of personnel transportation projects around the world.

Please note that with effect from 1 July 2011, Penguin Ferry Services – which runs a retail ferry ticketing business to Batam, Bintan and Karimun – ceased to be a subsidiary of Penguin International Limited, following the completion of a sale and purchase agreement. For the latest ferry schedules and ticket pricing, please visit