The Industry-Leading Crewboat

The Industry-Leading Crewboat

Penguin’s Flex-36 crewboat is the definitive mid-sized, mechanically powered crewboat which has carved out its own niche market in recent years.

With a Length Overall of 36 metres and a top speed of 25 knots, the Flex-36 is built to carry 70 passengers and 40 tons of deck cargo through wave heights of up to 3 metres.

The Flex-36 is popular for its "flexible" multi-role capabilities, including crew and cargo transfer, fire fighting, oil spill response, medivac, security escort and safety standby.

An integral part of Penguin’s internally funded evergreen production series since 2006, the Flex-36 has become a mainstay of the offshore crewboat industry around the world, with close to 40 units working in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and West Africa today.

In mid 2012, the Flex-36 will be succeeded by the Flex-38 series in Penguin’s internally funded evergreen production series. Nevertheless, the Flex-36 will continue to be featured in Penguin’s build-to-order lineup.