Shipyard Services

Penguin Shipyard International

Penguin Shipyard International is an established builder of high-speed aluminium workboats, with close to 200 vessels in our portfolio of successfully completed projects.

At our fully equipped modern shipyards in Singapore and Batam, Indonesia, we undertake a variety of newbuilding and repair projects. Our facilities include:

  • a 12,000-sqm shipyard in Singapore with a 500-metric ton straddle carrier and a 50m (L) x 50m (W) x 20m (H) covered workshop with 2 x 12.5-ton overhead cranes;
  • a 50,000-sqm shipyard in Batam (45 minutes ferry ride from Singapore) with a 250-metric ton straddle carrier, a 100m (L) x 40m (W) x 25m (H) covered workshop with 2 x 20-ton overhead cranes and a 66m (L) x 21m (W) x 10m (H) covered workshop with a 5-ton overhead crane.

In 2014, we will commission our third covered workshop with additional facilities upgrades in Batam.

Our flagship product is our proprietary Flex series of multi-role crewboats – starting with the original Flex-36 in 2006 – which has since set the standard for mid-sized crewboats in the offshore petroleum and maritime security industries.

With a build cycle of less than six months, from keel lay to end of commissioning, we are also the world’s fastest builder of crewboats.

And with more than 20 crewboat deliveries a year, we are also the world’s most prolific crewboat builder.

In 2014, we are introducing the all-new Flex-40 series, comprising the Baudouin-powered Flex-40, engineered for fuel efficiency, and the Cummins-powered Flex-40SL, engineered for speed efficiency.

The new Flex-40 series will succeed the best selling Flex-38 series in our internally funded evergreen production line.

The Flex-40 and Flex-40SL are designed for a variety of “flexible” roles, including crew and cargo transfer, anti-piracy, security escort, fire-fighting, oil spill response, medivac and safety standby.

Owner-specified option include ballistic protection, gun mountings and racks, extra cabins, a dedicated hospital room, active interceptors and business class seats.

In 2013, we delivered our 60th Flex crewboat and rolled out two new Flex model types: the Flex-25 “Pocket Rocket” and the Flex-50 DP1 FSIV.


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