An Integrated Marine & Offshore Services Provider

Penguin International Limited is a Singaporean homegrown, publicly listed designer, builder, owner and operator of aluminium high-speed craft, through a group of wholly owned, integrated subsidiaries.

Since 1995, we have delivered more than 150 aluminium workboats, patrol craft and passenger ferries to ship owners around the world, including over 120 of our proprietary-designed Flex offshore crewboats and armoured security boats (Flex Fighter).

Our crewboats are jointly developed by our integrated in-house shipbuilding and ship management teams in Singapore, backed by more than two decades of experience.

We run a self-funded build-for-stock programme that features our Flex crewboats and security boats, and we undertake owner-specific build-to-order and repair projects for a variety of high-speed craft.

We typically own and operate what we design and build. Our fleet of crewboats and passenger ferries serve our clients in and around Southeast Asia.

Whether you are a ship owner or a charterer, you will enjoy peace of mind with the Penguin brand, which stands for integrity, professionalism and mutual respect.