Corporate Profile

Penguin International Limited is a Singapore-based, publicly listed marine and offshore services group, specialising in the design, construction, repair and operation of high-speed aluminium commercial vessels.

Our business is backed by a strong balance sheet and led by an experienced hands-on management team. We are committed to maintaining a high standard of public accountability, corporate governance and social responsibility.

Through a group of integrated subsidiaries, Penguin operates crewboats and passenger ferries, as well as shipyards in Singapore and Batam, Indonesia, that build and repair a variety of high-speed vessels.

Above all else, our passion lies in crewboats.

As a crewboat operator, Penguin’s track record dates back to 1997, when we established Pelican Offshore Services, which later went on to develop Southeast Asia’s first large modern high-speed crewboat, known as a Fast Supply Intervention Vessel (FSIV).

As a crewboat builder, Penguin Shipyard International has been designing and building crewboats and FSIV since 1997.

Since the debut of our Flex-36 multi-role mid-sized crewboat in 2006, our Flexes – as they are now commonly called – have become standard bearers for the crewboat industry.

In 2012, we launched our first Flex-38 crewboat, designed for fuel efficiency, and our first Flex-38S crewboat, designed for speed efficiency.

In 2013, we delivered our 50th and 60th Flex crewboats and launched two new model types for both ends of the Flex spectrum, the Flex-25 “Pocket Rocket” crewboat and the Flex-50 DP1 FSIV.

In 2014, we launched our all-new Flex-40 Series, featuring new enhancements and upgrades for the world’s best-selling crewboat.

Since then, we had unveiled brand new crewboat designs that had further revolutionised the industry and underscore Penguin’s passion for crewboats.

Our main subsidiaries are Penguin Shipyard International, Penguin Shipyard Asia, PT Kim Seah Shipyard Indonesia (shipbuilding and repair), and Pelican Offshore Services (offshore charters).