Engineered for fuel efficiency. Engineered for speed and security

New in 2014: The Flex-40 Series

Penguin’s new Flex-40 Series of fast crewboats is the pre-ordained successor to the best-selling Flex-38 Series. Not just bigger and better, the new Flex-40 Series is the outcome of a comprehensive review and upgrade of equipment, materials, layout and features – based on feedback from Flex owners around the world.

With two main model types – the Baudouin-powered Flex-40 (designed for fuel efficiency) and the Cummins-powered Flex- 40SL (designed for speed efficiency) – the new Flex-40 Series offers owners more operational flexibility than before, without compromising on performance.

“Greater Endurance”: The Flex-40 and Flex-40SL can each carry up to 86,000 litres and 93,000 litres of fuel respectively.

“Self-Loading”: Every Flex-40 and Flex-40SL comes equipped with a Palfinger knuckle-boom deck crane, capable of lifting 0.5 tons at a maximum outreach of 6 metres.

“More Pax, More Deck”:

  • Flex-40: 90 Passengers. 100-square metre deck. 60 tons deck cargo.
  • Flex-40SL: 78 Passengers. 110-square metre deck. 60 tons deck cargo.
  • “New Seats”: More comfortable and durable than before. Try it to believe it.

    “Same Industry-Topping Speed”:

  • Flex-40: 24 knots cruising, 25 knots maximum @ 35 tons deadweight.
  • Flex-40SL: 26 knots cruising, 27 knots maximum @ 35 tons deadwheight.
  • Thanks to our newly optimised and tank-tested hullform.

    Like the ubiquitous Flex-38 Series, the new Flex-40 Series is designed to operate in a variety of flexible roles, including crew and cargo transfer, anti- piracy, security escort, fire fighting, oil spill response, safety standby and medivac.

    The new Flex-40 Series is part of Penguin’s internally funded evergreen production series and features two main model types:


    Green Speed.

    Optimised for Fuel Efficiency. Powered by Baudouin 12M26.2 mechanical engines.

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    Raw Speed.

    Optimised for Speed Efficiency. Powered by Cummins KTA38-M2 mechanical engines.

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    As always, Flex owners can also choose from a variety of flexible configurations, including a dedicated hospital, extra cabin and toilets, business class seating, ballistic protection, machine gun mountings etc. If you are looking for a crewboat that doubles as a security boat, your search is over with the Flex Fighter.