Shipyard Services

Penguin Shipyard

Penguin Shipyard is a high-speed craft specialist, focused on the design, construction, repair and maintenance of a variety of aluminium vessels, including:

  •  Offshore crewboats
  •  Armoured security boats
  •  Patrol boats
  •  Fire fighting search-and-rescue vessels
  •  Passenger ferries
  •  Windfarm support vessels

Our shipyard in Singapore is professionally managed and well-equipped, with a 500-metric ton marine travelift, 4 purpose-built fabrication workshops spanning across 30,000 square metres of fully concreted grounds.

  •  a 30,000-sqm fully concreted shipyard in Singapore with a 500-metric ton marine travelift, 4 purpose-built workshops and open-yard repair slots;
  •  a 50,000-sqm fully concreted shipyard in Batam with a 250-metric ton marine travelift, 6 purpose-built workshops and open-yard repair slots.

Our flagship product is our proprietary Flex series of multi-role crewboats – starting with the original Flex-36 in 2006 and culminating in the current Flex-42X Executive Fast Crew Boat. Flex crewboats are the standard bearers for mid-sized crewboats in the offshore petroleum and maritime security industries.

We are the world’s fastest and most prolific builder of mid-sized crewboats and security boats.

We are constantly adding new enhancements as standard features to our stock Flex Fighter multi-role security boats.

Go ahead. FLEX YOUR FLEET today!


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