The Green Crewboat Engineered for Speed

The New Flex-38 Series

Penguin’s new Flex-38 hull form is a stretched, re-engineered and optimised version of the Flex-36, the industry-leading multi-role crewboat that has been a part of our internally funded evergreen production series since 2006.

In addition to an optimised hull form and a re-designed aerodynamic deck house, the Flex-38 is sleeker, lighter and faster than its 36-metre predecessor.

Like the ubiquitous Flex-36, the new Flex-38 series is designed for a variety of "flexible" roles, including crew and cargo transfer, fire fighting, oil spill response, medivac, security escort and safety standby.

The new Flex-38 series features two main models:


Green Speed.

The Green Crewboat, optimised for fuel efficiency. Powered by Baudouin 12M26.2 mechanical engines.

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Raw Speed.

The S-series, optimised for speed efficiency. Powered by Cummins KTA38-M2 mechanical engines.

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For each model, we offer owners the choice of a stretched-deck version, namely the Flex-38L and Flex-38SL, with 100 sqm of clear deck area.

In addition, owners can also choose from a wide variety of "flexible" configurations, including a dedicated hospital, extra cabins and toilets, business class seating, armour protection or deck-mounted davits with assault boats.

In mid 2012, the new-and-improved Flex-38 series succeeded the Flex-36 Original in Penguin’s internally funded evergreen production series.